Friday, February 10, 2012


Yesterday I noticed this "LOVE" brick in my bathroom.
Maybe hard to tell in this picture, but IRL it looks...not recent.  

Who wrote it?  
Did they live there?  
Maybe the bricklayer?  
Who was it for?*  
Or maybe someone just loves bricks?  
Is it from the 90's?  The 1890's?  
Maybe 100 years ago, this part was covered in plaster, and it was secret for a really long time?*

More questions:
Why haven't I noticed it before now?  
Why hasn't anyone noticed this before now?
(And, most important/probable) do I have a house-ghost trying to send me a ghost valentine?*

*waxing romantic


a.clossen said...

I like this mystery. You should scrape some of the paint (is it paint? it looks like a brush was used) off and test it to see what it is. You could probably figure out how old it is that way. You know, since you have access to a lab and things.

Bangs said...

I hope my lab can test for ghost love.