Thursday, January 19, 2012

organ player

(For the record, I already know this one is kind of boring.)

Yesterday I was getting pretty into reading some weird mom organization blogs.  Like Org Junkie and this Real Housewife of NYC one.
Most of the stuff they talk about isn't directly applicable to my life (at all), like:
 - cleaning the "spare bedroom"
 - organizing the comic books
 - prettying up dry food storage
 - and sorting handed down baby clothes
but I did end up feeling a little inspired.  So, when I got out of school early, I "tackled" (I don't know, organizers always say "tackle") two rough spots - closet and drawer.

Closet is looking less like this, and more tidy and manageable now:

And in this drawer I found seven lipsticks, more than seven dollars, and seven (new!) AA batteries.  And so many headbands!

There's no after pictures, cause that's boring.

Next up?  Sites set on paperwork and art supplies, both of which are (in)conveniently stored in patches and collections throughout every floor of the house.  Organized in 2k12 (side/more important resolution: been trying to wear some of those lipsticks).  Anybody else resolving?

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elizabethfrances said...

Really? No afters? C'mon.