Monday, July 18, 2011


There have been some really funny and notable nights lately, where we end up with this "I hope we remember this in 5 years" talk.

With that in mind, I took a peek at my G-Cal, just to see what I've been doing. 
A year ago today?  I was dog sitting.  I still haven't gotten paid for that.
Two years ago?  Lulu's bday party.
Three years ago?  I saw Batman, and did something involving "MTV show, 9pm".
That's it.  That is as many July 18ths as I can list for you.  I guess before that, I was just a lot less organized.

So far, the funniest part of looking at back-logged calendar, is that the first event I put on it was "MAKING TIME, 9PM" in 2007  I also went to Sally Beauty Supply that day, if you're interested.  Also, there's a lot of days that look like this:
For even further reading, I did a quick dip into the archives of Ten Funny Things.  Everyone is all the way different and the same.

I just talked myself into keeping keeping a calendar.

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