Thursday, April 14, 2011

summer list

I'm seeing (and hearing about) a lot of these lists.   Like, "this summer, I want to do these billion things that I always mean to do but then put off until it's too late".  That's awesome.   It's not for me per se, because I feel like I'm actually pretty good at summer and doing everything I meant to - but it's good to write things down and get other people  in on it if there's things you want to do.  So good job, list makers.

I pretty much just want more versions of this:

but I'm also open to other plans too.


Cory said...

I wish you HAD included a list!

The little post preview icon on MJA's blog-roll crops out Josh in both pictures, and it looks like two cool buddies.

pinchefresco said...

Maybe we should write you a list


marilyn said...

more guns.