Monday, March 14, 2011


I just love finding notes about the evil world.

P.O. situation baby everything will work itself out as longs as we do the right thing.  Once I get a job I'm gonna get u a lawyer so Just be patient with everything babygurl.  I need you to be stressfree when we hit that evil world Laur.  I need you 2 be focused and have a mindset like nothing can make you use ever again.  You should be excited about being >

clean, having a new place to live, having me in ur life, and getting off da methadone.   I really need you to focus baby ok.  I love you gurl.  Well I'm out. Y now I will get back at yoa when you get back at me.  I love you Lauren Hall. 
Love Always



LuLu said...

I think that's the best found note yet. Think the fact that you found it means she's back on methodone? Or worse...

a.clossen said...

I may have interpreted the "Muah Muah Muahs" as an evil laugh, instead of kisses.

Siobhan said...