Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The first day that I am done-with-school for real, and don't have company or a Christmas party to get to, I'm going to sit down and make something a little bit like this:
I think mine will be cooler though.  More dream catchery and a backdoor and everything, and maybe it should be silver, like a spaceship, but still like a tipi. 

I have study sheets out in front of me, but instead of memorizing, I'm drawing sketches in the margins.  I've been meaning to get into architecture for a while.  Catarchitecture.


kimberly said...

What if it was a totem pole and all the cats had their own totem house? Boogers would be on the bottom, obv. and spaceships.

Bangs said...

Save me some cardboard, KB.

kimberly said...

you can use that big sheet in the basement.