Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yesterday, I finally cut ties with New York State.  Like a grown up, I got my own auto insurance.  Got a title transfer, got registered, got inspected.  And I have to send back my NYS plates.  So now I only have one (back) plate on my truck, and the front is all empty.
Accepting ideas (or Christmas gifts?) of a good front plate.  I do think unicorns scene is a little played out, so maybe we can come up with something that is non-ironically awesome?  Just regular awesome? 


r___anderson said...

thanks for the "reminder," if you know what i mean.


kamper part deux said...

sue how did you get inspected and everything in one day?!!
i'm the worst grown up.

(i think i know what ryan means.)

Bangs said...

It probably took an hour tops. Get your act together.