Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mike Snow

Here's another post with no pictures:

Mike Snow.  I think about this name a lot, and am finally putting it together*.   

I guess I first noted the whole thing, because "Mike Snow" is just a good, solid, regular-but-notable and nice name.  Then, just today, I realized that
1.  "Mike Snow" does that "Animal" song, that someone or someones put on a mix for me at some point.
And, AND
2.  "Mike Snow" does the music on the X-Files, which I am slowly but surely working my way through, and think about/talk about too much.

COULD IT BE THE SAME PERSON?  Performing songs about shapeshifting AND writing background music to a show that often features shapeshifting?  I spent about one minute on Google trying to find out, and mostly kept landing on some Swedish pop group called Miike Snow, which seems like a dead end.  Bored with researching, would be nice if someone could just tell me the answers.

*or not.


FXF said...

Mark Snow.

Bangs said...

Yeah. Somebody else just told me. It was all a (fantastic) dream.

FXF said...

It's one of those instances when I'm both proud and ashamed to know something.