Monday, May 11, 2009

two lessons

(Old news, but) don't ever make bets about not kissing someone. Probably always take bets about two people *not* kissing. I guess if it comes up enough to be talked about/wagered on, it's probably going to happen. I thought about this yesterday while I was shaving Matt leBlanc.

Leads to lesson two: Don't believe the internets, or do so with a grain of salt. If you do google searches on whether or not you can drug or sedate your cat, a LOT of people have a LOT to say. Like, "my boyfriend killed his cat with 1/4 of a sleeping pill!" or "children's Benedryl is what they give cats at the vet! I work there, I know!". Anyway, I decided about 1/3 of a regular Benedryl was probably the right amount for Matt, since we didn't have any Kahlua in the house. It was not enough, and you'll be able to tell when you see his haircut. It's a little...patchy.

Besides the cat haircut, the weekend was bad date, shopping with WH, lots of grilled food, and working on polar bear costume, which is so hot (in the warm, not sexy way) that I might have to make some changes. I have pictures and things, but not here. I also made meatballs out of chicken, which were surprisingly good, and have plans to make pulled pork sandwiches from the crock pot, maybe for late night dinner tonight?


reeves. said...

maybe-date was bad? boo.

also, you're allowed to invite me over for pulled pork anytime.

Bangs said...

Probably a different date than what you're thinking of, and yes.

Either late tonight or tomorrow for dinner is pork, if everything goes as planned. You little carnivore.

Bangs said...

Also, to avoid confusion, lessons abouts bets and kissing are Old News, not Recent Developments. Just thought about it when I was doing cat haircut.

doters said...
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Bangs said...

I read your comment even though you deleted it. The internet is powerful.