Monday, May 18, 2009


Sometimes I've told you to skip posts, this might be one of them. Boring/rambling/patchy recount of weekend.
This weekend was a million birthdays, a medium amount of bbq, and learning what heartburn is.
I've never heard so much talk about bra's and breasts and Things Dane Would Do For Charity as I did Friday night. Saturday was the longest night ever (in a fine way) with a lot of stops and food, and people and taxis and photobooths, silly string, light shows, dance floor kissing (Liza!), and graduations, followed by the longest bike ride home, in the rain. Pictures? Probably somewhere, but I think I lost (another) camera.
My favorite follow up text from the next day started with "holey moley..."
Anyway, having so much birthday wore me out I think, and then having guac for breakfast made my chest feel on fire. This weekend is the first time I think I ever got heartburn, and it happened a lot of times. Marilyn (Dr Quinn) told me about medicines and everything, and told me that having a glass of milk could help. I waited til she and Andy were gone, and then I tried it. PEOPLE DRINK MILK? I poured the tiniest juice glass of it, cause I wasn't sure about it - it's so gross! Maybe one of those "acquired tastes" things, but f'real, yuck. I don't think it's a drink for grown ups. Only to change the color of your coffee or wet your cereal.


reeves. said...

i started milk in 2k9 to try and trick my allergy to it. like, if i drink it enough, my sinuses will get used to it and not get all snotty and gummy anymore. it worked, then i realized i was not enjoying the milk at all and went back on the soy. now when i try to have milk my sinuses are effed. ugh.

pinchefresco said...

I have literally never heard of someone who wasn't a vegan who thinks it's weird to drink milk. I'm actually shocked.

This is like at Houghton when Abby Hobson couldn't believe people brushed their teeth with cold water.

Wait, now I'm repeating blog comments???

(awesome, right?)

christophresh said...

Andy, you don't think it's weird to drink milk because of your (weird) upbringing.
It's weird.
First, it's BABY formula for ANOTHER SPECIES.
Second, it is something parents make their kids do, but that you are supposed to stop after a while - unless you live in the Midwest or go to school in a basement.

Bangs said...

Thanks Chris. Milk-weirdos.