Friday, May 22, 2009


Wednesday night, there was a sports double header in our hood - Standard Tap vs the Keep, and then Tap vs (someone else. We left.) Anyway, game one was whatever, but I guess game two got dramatic. I miss all the good parts.
In leiu of watching baseball walkoffs, we were stooping pretty hard some 7 blocks west. We met Srinivas, our new Indian friend.
He told us that American wasn't all bad - before he came here, he didn't even know about mayonnaise.
Our friend Liza told him that just because we were girls, we didn't have to listen to him pontificate all night.
It was really good.
On the way home, Marilyn and I found two Dysons, and dragged them home with us. They're in our living room.

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LuLu said...

Dysons!! Who cares if they're used, because they never lose suction! I'll let you borrow my Dyson Ball keychain. xoxo