Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logan and Victor

Last night I went to see Wolverine with some of my favorite boys. I liked it fine, but have some questions that I don't know the answers to, probably because I just don't know the comic - the biggest question is why these two wolfy brothers are born a million years ago, but stopped aging. It's fine (in movies, comics and maybe real life) if people stop aging, but when does it happen? Is there just a magic age? How old are they? Why do you they get to quit birthdays for a hundred years?
Then we watched tv and I went to bed with a bellyache probably brought on by eating mostly bleu cheese for dinner, then nachos, so much popcorn, raw cookie dough, half-baked cookie dough, and booze.
Anyway, Wolves were alright, probably better than 102 Dalmations, which I've seen a few times this week.

Oh, and this morning, our neighbor slips a LOST CAT flier through the mail-hole. This is the same babycat that Marilyn and I already found, kept, and returned to them. The one they let outside on Beulah. Who just had kittens (according to the flier). How time flies.
Cinco de Mayo tonight. Come over and help us look for baby(momma)cat.

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