Friday, May 15, 2009

fashion forward

Yesterday, on my walk home from work, I decided I'm going to quit wearing miniskirts, especially with boots. Every time, it's a hundred boys hollering. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a "hot girl" or "sexy" (I can't even pull off those looks if I tried) - I think it's just a thing that almost every girl in every city endures. But yesterday? It MADE ME HATE EVERYONE, including men on the street, in elevators, riding the subway, and climbing the stairs out. It's just not flattering, especially if you try to take a picture up my skirt on the train.
I know this is one of those things, "don't dress really slutty, and people won't act like you're slutty" that I'm supposed to either agree because it makes sense or disagree with because it's ridiculous and I should wear what I want, and don't even dress slutty or whatever.
Anyway, so last night I wore pants out. NBD.
Forgot about new resolution already, and wore a dress to work that just might be a shirt.


s. said...

i 100% understand what you mean about how being harassed on the street makes you hate everyone.

i have a lot i want to say about this, but i'm just going to write my own blog about it, instead of leaving you a really long comment.



Bangs said...

You have a blog? Oh man. What have I been missing out on?

s. said...

it's real new

awesome said...

i know i've been gone long because i remember the hollerings in a positive light

christophresh said...

hollering is bad
upskirt is worse.
I thought that people only did upskirt on the internet, and not for real.

I don't know why we boys like boots so much, even when they are not sexyboots at all. But we do.

Hopefully, it doesn't have anything to do with this:
I saw women wearing boots at night in Berlin, and a German guy told me they were prostitutes (he was right) and that all of them, ALL of them, were Polish or Russian (i.e. NOT GERMAN, which sounds like some "German Purity Law" [which is a real thing, but about beer, not people]).

!! !MONSTR! !!

lana bear said...

i really hope by NBD you mean "no big deal" because I say "NBD" all the time, and it may just make me love you.

I pretty much love abbreviations and acronyms.