Friday, May 8, 2009


Some things about Star Trek:

There was no midnight show. I was tired from the beginning of the day (from my 5 hour root canal appt), but was planning on midnight showing anyway. I was mostly hoping for costumes, like at midnight Harry Potter, or midnight Batman. Instead, the movie played all day, so we just went at 10:30. Trekkies is one of my favorite doc's, and I missed it IRL.
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Now, to be honest, I fell asleep a few times. I was on some pk's for my new tooth, which hurts, and had a little wine. Whenever there were battles, or serious fight scenes, I kind of drifted off. Despite this - I still liked it!

It did feel really LOST-y at times - (J.J. even reused the polar bear gimmick when they're someplace really Hoth-y), but in a good, epic way. Also, Winona Ryder was in it, AND Kirk's mom's name was Winona. Weird?

I was most dissapointed by this one character, a girl with giant eyeballs, cause she wasn't in this movie a lot, and I wanted to figure her face out. Marilyn said they probably made it with an iPhone. Marilyn also laughed pretty hard at all the Jar-Jar Binks moments.

Weekend, phew.

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christophresh said...

the guy on the left IS Alex.
I mean, doesn't LOOK LIKE him, but BE him.