Friday, May 1, 2009

and, done.

Friday, and I feel so accomplished that I might not try to do anything else all weekend.
Got my tooth (re)fixed.
Financed my (10! not 8!) upcoming gold crowns.
New play-everything dvd player for upstairs.
Got new spark plug in the scooter.
Got bike tuned up.
Found summer dress '09.

What else could there even be?


reeves. said...

you're so on top of life!

nikki said...

tell me more about this summer 09 dress!

pinchefresco said...

Can you get the same dress in two different colors again? That was such a good idea.


Bangs said...

Nikki - summer dress is from Urban, and I'll wear it next time I see you probably.
Andy - I plan on getting it in at least two, maybe three colors.