Friday, May 22, 2009

miss me much?

I haven't been online. I've been spending days Rittenhousing, and riding bikes, trying to get approved to foster a dog, eating falafel, seeing baseball, and a hundred other things.
I did go to the movies, kind of. Rander and I went to see (Rob Zombie's) Night of the Living Dead at the Troc. It's a really fun, nearly free night out, but the movie was just terrible. All the previews they showed were terrible.
But yeah. We'll probably go on Monday to see Fanboys. Everyone's invited, and no one has to work, we should do it.
This weekend is more bbqs, Time Party II, birthdays, hairdo's, probably more parks, more of the samesies. Riversharks Saturday or Sunday guys? That's just a text message and a ferry ride away. Picnic at the gypsum factory? Or did that really get torn down? Open to other ideas too. Summer happening, all around us.


reeves. said...

i'm in for anything involving eating outside. keep me in the know!


LuLu said...

Stop having fun without me.


r___anderson said...

yeah, i went to the gypsum factory a year ago and it was gone. like TOTALLY gone. you couldn't even tell it had ever been there. so weird! let's find another place like it.