Thursday, May 14, 2009

meeting new people

This week at quizzo we sat with this boy (who is friends with Sandro maybe?) for a few minutes/3 rounds (of questions, not drinks, because I'm pretty sure this boy doesn't drink). When we got there he was listing the Quizmasters of Philadelphia, and which were good, and which were bad (the one we had Tuesday for instance, was "tied for last place of the good quizmasters" - which implies an entire ranking system).
This boy goes to quizzo most nights of the week, and has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about it.
We asked him questions about the kinds of categories and questions that make for a good game.
Potpourri is good, (duh), as are "general knowledge" and trivia. (?)
Not good? Sports, music, Philadelphia-themed questions (he's a "citizen of the world", his quizamster should be too).
Good questions? Pop culture. Bad? Current events.
Good? Science. Bad? Geography.
Good? Movies. Bad? Oscars.
Some of it made sense, most of it didn't, (it should have been, "I like quizzo, I'm alright at it, here's some categories I like"). But it came out in so many more words, and definite statements. It was like listening to a fight about Magic, only I understood more, and no one was arguing really.

Ten state capitals that are also the largest city in the state.

The big question that keeps coming up lately - is it better to be specific boring or general boring?

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christophresh said...


'quizamster' is almost 'quizHamster'

you know, a philosopher came up with the idea of being a citizen of the world (I always initially mistype philosopher). 'cosmos' in cosmopolitan is a greek word. It can also mean 'order' or 'necklace': I am not JK.