Monday, November 17, 2008

unrealized good ideas we've had

opening a laundro-mat/bar, coming up with a good name for it
custom painted World of Warcraft figures
paint yr own portrait party
videotaping every day of my life in 2007
only keeping clothes I wear
moving to Canada to work in Canadian film industry
quitting text messaging or getting a land line
learning Spanish
using my dining room table as a built in scoreboard
covering dining room table with maple veneer
always having three complete sets of keys, just in case
getting 50 States print swap digital for Ritz pre-movie exposure
having long hair
visiting Africa or South America
getting onto that big boat near Ikea
being on MTV's Made
being good enough at something to be a coach on MTV's Made
ordering custom matchbooks*that say something about getting awesome on Beulah
throwing a "LOST" themed New Year's Eve party
paying of my credit cards, student loans and owed drinks
throwing a party at the gypsum factory
making soap in the shape of light bulbs
using the robot to clean the floors all the time
high heels lifestyle
white jeans lifestyle

*also: keychain bottle openers, flash drives, cocktail napkins, playing cards


elizabethfrances said...

i don't want you to wear white jeans.

Bangs said...

don't worry.

that pants said...

i think i might make my own list like this; and, re: spanish...if you really want to learn it, i'm kind of on my way anyway...class or listening to spanish cds while crafting or something? seriously?

Rabeika said...


I'd like to interview you regarding your comments at Decorno (re: Anthropologie). I'm a graduate Journalism student at NYU, and I'm working on a story on the matter.

Could you please contact me at rlm351(at)nyu(dot)edu?



reeves. said...

i go to temple to finish my bachelor's in anthropology (the study, not the store, unfortunately). you should mos def do it, do it, do it. it's so fun and so great and temple is great and reading and writing are great and i'm so happy to be doing it.

awesome said...

i think "white jeans lifestyle" has NOOOOOOOOOOO place on this list.