Friday, November 14, 2008


Sarah was right action/plot ratio in the new Bond. It was kind of whatever*.
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Here's a rough plot synopsis (I'm really good at this from when I used to write coverage at WB):
car chase scene (CRASHES!), on foot chase scene (DARING!), (enter hot girl who ends up looking like she stole all of Kate Austin's clothes off the island)
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boat chase scene (EXPLOSIONS!), weird scene explaining a "Bond drink", airplane chase scene (more DARING! and JUMPING!), discovery (PLOT!), other hot girl (dead), chase, chase, conclusion. Maybe watch the other one before you see this? Maybe that would help? Anyway, I don't care about ever seeing this movie again. Also, an interesting note, the midnight crowd for this was way less enthusiastic and dedicated than Batman or Harry Potter premiers - and rightly so.

(Oh, and Melissa said** that Arrested Development is going to be a movie for real?)

*I can't believe I saw this and didn't see My Life to Live while it was up. I'm bad at some things.
**posted an article on Facebook speculating that

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zerbipedia said...

I totally agree with you about the Bond movie being meh, regardless of how vociferously Nick protests otherwise. The thing I found most interesting about the whole film is that the girl who plays Fields was born with the condition of polydactyly; she had 6 fingers on each hand. The extra ones were "tied off" when she was very young causing them to fall off. And according to IMDB, she had to have one of her ears reconstructed too.