Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloweekend was a big mix of awesome and bummers.
The parade was fun. Marilyn and I decided we needed to split Halloween into two days, because it was so long.

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We watched the parade from my office, and had a few drinks up here. By one we were done and walked home to go to sleep to get ready for Halloween part two.
All that was good. We went to take a ride to Jomar and my scooter started spraying gasoline all over. (Tedford? Are you still there? Are you still in my life? I wish you still lived on Beulah).

Lyfestile party was pretty fun, and we stayed up oh-so late. Good job on costumes, Everyone (except Devon).
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(Lauren and I were mummies. Separately!)

Saturday was kind of whatever, I watched a lot of Desperate Housewives, painted my room, got asked out to lunch by that weird fat drug dealer guy who sits on the corner, saw some people at night.
I had my second "fall back" hour on Saturday night (does that make me even older?) in as many weeks (one in Hamsterdam, one here).

So then Sunday was supposed to be a big deal, the day they broke open the world's largest pinata.
Here's a phone pic from last week when they were building it:
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We rolled up around 2:40, a few minutes before they're going to wrecking ball the mammoth donkey, and everyone is waiting with bated breath. Then we hear boo's. Everyone starts leaving - they've canceled the whole event, I guess because of crowd control issues.
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There was a bunch of sad little kids, and 8,000 pounds of sad candy.
"They better take that guy home tonight!" said one guy who probably helped flip over a car or tear down a bus stop earlier this week.
So that was kind of a downer, but then Rander brought the tiniest kitten over to my house and that was great.

I did not go the movies. Maybe tonight.

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