Saturday, November 22, 2008

holidays and cold hands

It's so cold out.
Had to take scoot to the shop today for new headlamp and new spare tire. Hit a couple thrift shops on the way, and found nothing. I needed some xmas albums for a new craft, and I found the records that Melissa and I donated a couple months ago. They all are $2.95 now (boy was that a mistake). So, I'm still in the market for some Christmas records if you know where I can find them cheap.

Some other crafty news involves finishing up my end of Calendar Swap 2k9.
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Silk screening, cutting, sewing, phew. I'm medium happy with the results, more than medium about the colors.

We've turned our heat on. Matt leBlanc is pretty taken with it.
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My room is still cold, 'cause I have the fan in the window still, but to be honest, I like sleeping in the cold. Hard to get out of bed in the morning, but so easy to sleep bundled up.

Finally, in "party at my house" news, we're hosting Thanksgiving. If you're orphaned, have early plans, or looking for a way to get out of family obligations, come over to Beulah. We'll do the turkey guy, you bring a dish to share (RSVPs about this would be great), a bottle of wine, and your own plate. Silverware? We've got you covered (hopefully). Let's get thankful for each other: Thursday, November 27, 7pm.

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