Friday, November 14, 2008

crash, but not the bad movie

As a preface: my roommate and I spent much of Wednesday night talking about how accident prone we are, and sharing stories about breaking wrists/fingers/ribs, etc.

We went to the Barbary Wednesday night for a little fake Club Lyfestile thing. Girl dj's can be pretty hit or miss, and the whole beginning felt like a spinning class. Anyway, it was eventually fun - we saw summer friends like Ricky and Party Steve, and danced a little, and Marilyn took a lot of photographs which I'm sure you'll see on Facebook or something later.

On the way home though, we're crusing down Columbus (Delaware Ave for those old school among us) and get a flat tire. We start swerving like crazy and then...tip over. One quick phone call and Ben Gallman is there in moments (thanks Ben!).
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I got a little banged up, but Marilyn really got the worst of it. She stayed right there on the sidewalk while we* changed my tire, and took a lot of pictures. Then we went home. Didn't realize how rough of shape Marilyn was in 'til the next day when I got a text message from her from the ER: "Haha - I fractured my coxis!"
She's taking it like a champ**, and has a little donut cushion and everything. Anyway. Yikes. Sorry Marilyn.

**on Vicodin

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awesome said...

I had some important [meaningful] and consoling words to say but then i google imaged searched coxis. second row, first on the left. omg