Friday, November 21, 2008

problems with outer space

This week I watched Wall-E again, and it was good again. Three times is enough times, but it was good.
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Here's some things about it
1. If humans got so fat and lazy since leaving Earth, how did they come up with the technology to invent Eve? She seems more than a couple steps removed from her contaminated counterpart. Maybe other robots invented her? Is that possible?

2. Gravity. When Auto(pilot) tries to take over the ship and is wrestling with with the Captain, the ship turns back and forth (in outer space) causing people to fall out of their chairs, slide all over. I don't seemed a little easy.

3. I like M-O a lot. That little guy who is programmed to clean things, and seems to feel a deep rooted compulsion to do so? He reminds me a little of Marilyn and Shayna.
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Also, they make these vintage/future posters of some of the robots, which are nice. Nicer than regular movie posters anyway.

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