Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's been a while.

Facebook > Myspace (finally ready to admit it)
boys who use cheat sheets in poker and hide it under their beer > American Apparel employees
regular pets < Pawly, who has 24 toes, and is the handsomest cat
Taco Tuesday > working weekends
margaroos & documentaries > beer & sports
planning ahead for Halloween 2k9 > going out
re-release of Godard > Disney sequels
Lexulous > Boatzee
lawyers < everyone
pants < tights



Dan Platt said...

your post always make me smile at least, if not laugh out loud. Thanks.

siobhan said...

i strongly agree with you views concerning pants vs. tights.

awesome said...

i have a $100 bet going that i won't sign up for face book in the next year that i'm here. his girlfriend has assured her future demands toward enforcement of his payment. **also, why is there a handicap logo on the side of the word verification box? is that always there? i'm not sure of the possible implications but in my mind they are very funny.