Wednesday, November 19, 2008

realized bad ideas we've had

riding my bike home on April 27, 2008
no shave November
small, religious liberal arts college*
getting a 31 year old stranger from Craigslist to live in the basement as a "domestic intern"
many haircuts
some haircolors
indoor sparklers and silly string on election day
spending a lot of money an any electronic
getting locked out of the Pintos
trying to play bridge at 1601
forgetting that Matt leBlanc was in the back yard that one time...
subscribing to Marie Claire, even though it was probably only $5
Dane (just kidding, kind of)
changing "Low Bar" to "the Dive"
rollerskating in Winter 1994
letting the girls have a glass of juice near my tiniest computer
that one trip to NYC
jumping fences to play tennis
spin the bottle in 2004 (mostly funny)
playing mafia at 5 hour brunch
living at the Honolulu airport
pushing back Harry Potter & the Half-blood Prince to 2k9
Melissa putting her contacts in a glass of water next to the sink that one night
Ryan drinking water that one night
Ikea on a Saturday AM
midnight screening Bangkok Dangerous

*to be clear, I really like everybody I know from Houghton, and don't exactly regret it, unless I'm thinking about how much I pay each month in student loans, and how dumb a few of my classes were.

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