Monday, November 24, 2008

feeling fairly grownup + surrogate Applebees

Today I feel a little bit grown up.
Several times this past week I went to bed at a reasonable hour (with the exception of Saturday night, which probably threw off all those other good nights).
I got my scoot up and running (and with lights! spare tire!).
I called the Penn Dental School about scheduling another appointment for my teeth even though they were supposed to call me weeks ago and let me know which student I've been assigned to and everything*.
I made a doctor's appointment, with a real, live general practitioner that I found on Yelp.
I made that appointment so he can refer me to an otologist or whatever so I can find out why my left ear is is in such bad shape.
I'm figuring out where/when to take my last trip (thanks for all the good times, Marilyn).
I invited people to eat turkey at my house.
And, I haven't been to the movies in a week and a half. I think most people (except Amanda's parents) quit the movies when they become adults, right?

To counteract all this, we had "appetizer sampler" dinner at our house last night:
pirogies, taquitos, chimichangas, little ravioli, spin/artichoke dip, popcorn chicken...we're pretty healthy, don't worry.

*this doesn't make me feel particularly confident about how things are going to go there.


awesome said...

i think when you start being a grown up you quit movies but then when you become a parent you get back into them. its your new wholesome date night. and ftr - i think when i return to AMERICA* i will want to movie everyday.

*i know i'm supposed to say 'the states' also, every time i say/write AMERICA i start singing laand of the freeeee stand beside her and guide her from the ...of the .... of the ......

Bangs said...

I can't wait to go to the movies with you someday.