Tuesday, November 18, 2008

realized good ideas we've had

visiting Shayna and Megan in Amsterdam
organizing first bake collab
talking Jerry into hardwood floor
50 states print swap
real estate licensing (jk, not the best idea)
voting Obama
learning to play bridge
Taco Tuesdays
birthdays in Puerto Rico
Christmas in July 2k7
laser studfinders
health insurance
no meat September
always keeping a spare tire for scoot
free shipping
making books while working in the PMA's operating booth
cat haircuts
blogging, which isn't as weird as I always thought
the Jesus wall at 607
cutting the legs off that white table
pizza parties
speed Scrabble
using the sporting good check-out at urban WalMart
riding in cars with boys (but not the movie)
getting into the Riverview for free, always

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