Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tumor town

Some new things:

This week I saw some doctors. It was fine, everything's good (except for the insurance/MRI-MRA thing, which will hopefully be resolved really soon). Oh and except they gave me living will/resuscitation forms that I just can't fill out. It's so dark.

Dr. tells me that because I'm young and healthy, I might not need to take off all of 4-6 weeks. Then today I read about Mark Ruffalo (who, surprise! had the same thing), and how he needed a whole year off after his acoustic neuroma surgery. I think he's probably just a pussy, but it did get him out of being in that M. Night movie, The Happening.

Then I read about scars (which are fine, probably the least worrisome part), and there's this "Magic Scarf" that AN patients mail to each other to wear while they have dumb haircuts and ugly scars. Magic Scarf!* What do you think it looks like? I can't stop thinking about the Traveling Pants.

Then I started reading about people getting droopy faced, and how that can last super long, and I got nervous and quit reading.

Lastly, a new side effect: I may not be able to produce emotional tears. We'll see...

*Just so you know, I'm not the "Sue" from the message boards.


Drum said...

if i had a choice between a magic scarf or no magic scarf 10 times out of 10 im wearing the magic scarf

reeves. said...

no magic scarf. your haircut will be too good to cover up!