Monday, February 16, 2009


The outline format in previous post was really a bust (don't even bother with it really), so instead, here's three things about Monster Trucks last night.
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1. Conversation between me and ticket guy
m: (looking at a sign that says tickets are $2 more, day of) "So...does that mean tickets are $17?" (instead of the advertised fifteen)
tg: "the cheapest tickets are $20"
m: (confirming everyone wants to pay that much, and collecting more money from them) "Okay, here's cash for four, and one on my card"
tg: "okay, well, there's a $1 service fee on tickets, so it's $84 dollars"
m: "why didn't you just tell me the tickets were $21?"
tg: "because they're twenty."
m: "also, don't you mean $105? cause we still need five tickets".
tg: "right. $104".
m: "thanks."

In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that means this guy is just taking one dollar cash home for every ticket he sells, which is why I didn't get charged $21 on my card. It was so dumb.

2. This boy Phil came. He's friends with Conrad from Deep Springs, but calls him John, which really made me wonder when John turned into Conrad, cause I always kind of assumed it was "on the ranch."

3. I put all my hypothetical money on a truck called "The Broker" who's symbol/paiting on his truck was a piece of paper. It was the wrong choice, obv.


pinchefresco said...

I'm so mad that this happened without me

christophresh said...

weren't there strippers involved in this night too?
But amateur ones, so

Bangs said...

My night did not include strippers, Chris, no.