Wednesday, February 11, 2009

not it

Last night we saw this date movie that EVERYONE was in.
Morals (maybe just lessons) learned:
If a boy doesn't call you, he don't like you.
If a girl (ScarJo) used to sleep with you, but won't anymore, she doesn't like you (that much).
If you're not sure if you got dumped, you did.
Boys (Ben Affleck) don't want to get married, but, if you trick them into it on their boat, it might happen.
You (Drew) shouldn't myspace date people.
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Remember season one of S&TC? Where they do these weird asides to people who aren't really on the show and you never see again? Some girl on the street who's all, "I'm pretty sure he likes me - he's just never had a serious gf before, so we're taking it slow", or, "You can totally tell if a girl's not going to sleep with you if she takes home her leftovers"? He's Just Not That Into You has those dumb questions/statements by crazy girls (sometimes boys), and has this magnolia plotline where every ends up happy (some of them alone, some of them with people) except one person, who's too into her singing career.

I don't even know if these are whole sentences.


christophresh said...

Whole sentences just destroy a blog.
Trust me, I know: you won't find any full-length, grammatical sentences on MY blog (although I do like to punctuate).

awesome said...

can you not ruin the ends of movies i really want to see? hopefully i will forget this by the time it comes out here....or i get home.

Bangs said...

sorry. I should have labeled this with a SPOILER WARNING! still don't know who ends up with who, so basically, you're still in the dark. Just don't think about it. You'll like this movie a LOT. I probably don't ever need to see it again.

pinchefresco said...

Oh, did you know one of our friends makes money by going around to stores in Philadelphia and trying to get them to carry the "He's Just Not That Into You" soundtrack CD? Adorable!

Olga L. said...

wait so are you into this movie or just not that into it? i kind of want to see it... i think?

coraline was awesome btw. 3d!!!