Monday, February 23, 2009

Chinatown Bus redemption

Saturday night was all kind of a bummer (except for Anthony's serenade, a South Philly tradition you should learn about that included dancing and mummers and djs and jello shots and canoli, and so many serious hairstyles). So bright and early(ish), I took that stalwart of transportation, "Century 2000" (the Chinatown Bus) to the NYC.
Went to PS1 first, and saw a unicorn
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an inside out swimming pool,
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the giantest rotating ceiling mirror to lay under, and my favorite new elevator.
We had dinner at Randy's Diner*, where our cute foreign waitress had never heard of poppyseed dressing or peppermint ice cream, but was pretty great regardless.
Finished at the Stone**, where I saw everybody that was in my life c2002 (except you Amanda and Sarah). Like a giant reunion. Elizabeth and I wore mostly the same outfit.

Home in plenty of time for work, despite a couple little shady dealings in NJ.

If it seems like you're just in a swallowing your gum mode, quit. Five times in one day is too many.
Two pairs of tights is awesome for keeping warm in cities, but feels SO GOOD to take off at the end of the nihgt.
If you get off the wrong train on accident because someone who lives in NY doesn't know what he's doing, you can just get on the next train, and it might be FROM THE FUTURE.

*that is a joke for four people, who might not read even read this.
**where there were not only rules against fun, like no dancing or talking or eating or drinking, but also against nature, like no going to the bathroom.


Drum said...

i faked the train mishap to ensure you'd have some monday morning blog fodder


randerson said...

i'm pretty sure the unicorn was impossible to photograph from that angle.