Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night, in the grand tradition of trying to be Sarah, I played my first game of D&D.
I am a Tiefling Rogue.
Imagine something like this:
Image Hosted by
(Thanks, "Ghostfire" for the drawing.)
I thought I was going to be really good, but then I didn't really pull through helping the others kill the giant skeleton in the bathhouse.

We also have a lot of character-development type homework and worksheets, including questions about my character's greatest failures, long term goals, and the most horrible thing she's ever seen.

Also, Sandro (the DM) does a lot of voices, which is awesome.


reeves. said...

the voices are awesome.

also, you DID kill three rats, so that's something.

bitteramanda said...

you seem to carry an awful lot of knives (picture).

for some reason your character reminds me of shannon from lost, maybe you speak french and that somehow helps or you only do awesome things when paired with another character (boone).

FXF in 09 said...

i can't believe all you guys play this freakin game. what a bunch of nerds.

i'll be over here writing long rambling blogs about LOST if you need me.

awesome said...

fyi fran i playED this game. that part of my life is over now.
also, rolling die has never really been your strong suit sue. [small bedrooms = killing rats, big bedrooms = killing all enemies] my game however didn't have any voices or rats and i think both are awesome.

that pants said...

sue tell fran to invite me to his long rambling LOST blog please.