Thursday, February 5, 2009

now what?

Nurse Nicole just called me from the hospital. Because doctors don't talk to each other and just arbitrarily schedule surgeries, I'm getting rescheduled. One of the docs is going to be in Hawaii, so I'm keeping tumoring for a minute I guess.

Also, I was one of the only people at Superbowl party who hadn't seen Hotel for Dogs. Really. I just remembered.


PithySarcasm said...

When are they going to give you a new date? They make me mad.

elizabethfrances said...

goodness gracious

Anonymous said...

i hope they schedule you soon or at least give you a free trip to hawaii. and thanks for wii fit, and for being one of the only other people at the superbowl who didn't see hotel for dogs.

awesome said...

hotel for dogs? i'm in the never seen it, don't want to club too. also, i've been watching a lot of house lately and people are always awake during brain surgeries. will you be awake?

pinchefresco said...

Wait, have you not seen hotel for dogs because you don't want to, or because you just haven't? Because I really really want to.


Some of them are puppies!

kamper part deux said...

sara- i recently powered through all the seasons of house and have seen every episode of greys anatomy. on House, Foreman is always talking to the patients during surgery and on greys, dr Shepard never puts his patients to sleep. everything i know about brain surgery i learned from network television. with this knowledge i am concerned they will keep susan awake. i don't like it.

Bangs said...

Guys. Chillax.
I talked to my surgeon.
I will be alseep.
It is a 8-12 hour surgery.
I will be alseep. Out.
Spinal Tap.


Bangs said...

Oh, and Sarah, "Hotel for Dogs" is about some kids that find some dogs, and an old hotel, and turn it into a ... hotel for dogs!.

LuLu said...

Spinal Tap? Maybe you'll end up with that hair cut! Awes.

And I stand by my decision to see Hotel for Dogs. And Beverly Hills Chihuahua for that matter.