Monday, February 2, 2009

living for

This weekend was fun because on Friday, we hung out in our neighborhood, like The Old Days. Invoved going to every single persons house (progressive dinner) and drinks named for old stars and a Very Long Game of Saladbowl. We learned a lot of things and Kimmy Brown fell asleep on some people.
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You know, us(ual).

Saturday we went to a party at Robs. Josh, Marilyn and I did NOT dress up for this party.
Obviously, these girls did*.
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Also, there was an ice sculpture.
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We left Rob's party to go to something at Adventure Island where a dj from Brooklyn just played on a keyboard while his "dance crew" covered each other in black paint.
Everything makes me feel so tired lately.

Yesterday was The Big Game. While the game was on, we spent most of our time watching videos of kittens riding the Roomba, and waiting for the Office to come on**. Also food. Lulu made a lot of good food. Adriene made other good food, and Sigmund made the best ever enchiladas. Sports!

In between these things I got new moccasins at Target (how good are their shoes lately?), and watched a lot of CSI: Las Vegas, which I count as education as much as entertainment, because I'm learning So Many Things, and made this weird lamp.
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It's bigger than you think and looks like it's from the ocean. Or outer space. Also, who wants to see Monsters VS Aliens with me? Looks good.

*We met the one with the hair. It's real. She proactively told me I could pull it or run my fingers through it.

**Why do they even keep making the Office? And why do they show us the two funny parts during the commercial?

(Thanks, other people, for taking pictures. Right after I get rich I'm going to buy a new digital camera).


reeves. said...

that hair! ahhhh! i'm kinda impressed, kinda sicked out. mostly sicked out.

pinchefresco said...

1. I really really really want to see "Monsters Vs. Aliens.

2. I love your lamp. I want one for my birthday. (You've got time.)