Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentine's Day Weekend, Outlined, semi-chronologically

I. Friday Night
A. Home
1. Nap
2. Food & Drinks
3. Guests arrive! Wii Smarty Pants!

B. Party at 607 Tasker
1. See one million people, their outfits
2. See gay rappers
3. Get condom thrown down my shirt from accross the room
4. Borrow camera, take photographs, possibly break camera

C. Home (again)
1. I think more Smarty Pants, lose a bet that means girls buy boys brunch
2. Marilyn makes late night breakfast!

II. Saturday
A. Brunch at Royal Tavern
1. win bet about "real" flowers
2. eat food

B. 8 or 9 episodes straight of Dexter, which isn't that great
C. Marilyn makes awesome V-day dinner and we all play Wii Smarty Pants!

III. Sunday
A. New couch (it's medium, and yellow monster is available if anybody wants it)
B. Monster truck Rally
1. Monster trucks, boys drink beer and make wagers
2. 4 wheelers race, the good guys win
3. dirtbikes do flips
4. I make decision to skip post Monster Truck trip to Cheerleaders

Nevermind. Outlines are way harder than they look when you can't use tabs or spaces. It's a little slippery, and I quit. So much previewing and adjusting.

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