Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It's official. Marilyn and I will be going to Amsterdam in a couple weeks to hang out with Shayna, meet Megan, get a stamp in the old passport, and like, do a million really hard drugs.
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(I didn't take this picture, obvi. Soon enough.)
Shchapp's very serious about making us awesome breakfasts.


awesome said...

tripping. i get it. DONT DO IT. also, why can't you be online right now. I NEED you. its one of those nights when i just got home after being sad and drinking wine and i need to get in bed and tell you everything that happened so i can forget and retell you tomorrow. or maybe you retell me tomorrow. jk. I NEVER FORGET THINGS. man i sure am glad i know about your blog now so i can leave you comments. and by comments i mean write you emails of course.

Bangs said...

don't worry, "tripping" was a joke.