Thursday, October 30, 2008


For my out-of-towners, some news: last night the Phillies won the World Series, the first time a Philly team has won a Big Deal in a million years.
So, with everyone else in the city, we walked over to Broad Street. I've never seen so many high fives in my life, like the giantest "good game" lines ever, but with cheering and beers and sparklers, bonfires in the middle of the road, and silly string, banging on pots and pans, and confetti, so much honking, and people standing on top of driving cars, and police on horses, Jady pushing a girl in a shopping cart, and every single person was really happy.
Here's my best pictures from the night:
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and a pile of bikes in the middle of Broad Street:
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I took a few other pictures that were even worse. (Still can't get camera to work, so these were taken with baby phone. Obviously).

Everyone seems pretty happy that things didn't get "out of control". Here's their version of "under control"
Windows were smashed at a bank and luggage store in the downtown shopping district. At least two cars were overturned, the windows of a TV van were smashed, dozens of huge streetside planters were flipped over and some bus shelters were damaged or destroyed.
(USA Today)

The whole neighborhood around my office is still pretty wild. Spraypainted buildings, boarded up windows, cars that a hundred people had obviously trampolined, and a lot of defeated looking cops around.

tomorrow is the "real" parade (thanks city, thanks Nutter), and my office is closing at 11am for it (thanks Missionstaff).

Here's a picture of a car outside my office. I guess that's what you get for parking near Broad Street...
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Go Phillies.

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kamper part deux said...

i saw:
topless girl dancing on top of a newstand.
a huge bonfire in the middle of JFK.
a guy jump from the top of a stop light onto market st into a crowd of screaming people.
news van take over.
stop light knock over.
helpful (?) phans picking up an overturned planter.
a dumpster on fire.
a stampede as people fleeing the riot police who sprung into action over bottles being thrown at them.

and my favorite moment from the night, random guy walking down the st. yelling "next tuesday, when obama takes the white house, lets do this again!"

i love the phillies!!