Friday, October 3, 2008

this post is SEW late

Get it? Sew?
I learned from that new HBO vampire drama that there was a time when a pun was the highest form of humor.
Now, read about other tv:
Let's pretend it's Thursday morning, and I'm blogging about last night:
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OMG! Silver Fox and Klum threw us a huge monkey wrench and totally let ALL FOUR DESIGNERS STAY! No one got auf'd.
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Also, remember when we used to be okay with Kenley, but then she was super dumb, and said things like, "I'm a really good designer, with really good taste, because I moved to New York when I was young and broke!"?
Really Kens? We all moved to cities when we were young and broke. In fact, I'm still young and broke, so my taste must be IMPECCABLE.
A pretty awkward AfterSew where Kenley talks about being ok with people hating her here.


Bangs said...

This is a PS. Wednesday night, while watching ProRun, I saw a really awesome pair of boots. I assumed they were Nikki's, so put them on, and was planning to wear them home unless she noticed and called me out on it. Turns out, they were Amelia's. I had just met her that night. She called me out on it, and I'm sure it wasn't as funny to her - I was just a weird girl trying to steal her boots.

awesome said...