Monday, October 13, 2008

outter space

I like Fran a lot, and his blog is probably my favorite, but definitely one of my favorites. So, in between Favorite and OOMFs.
Here, a synopsis of his post yesterday (some of this in actual quotation, some will be me giving you the essence, because it's all too long to just repost)
A giant (2000 mile) UFO is going to park over Alabama tomorrow. The aliens are called "the Federation of Light". They're nice, and are going to help us evolve. 3 people told us this'll happen, one of them "Blossom Goodchild" (she doesn't have a myspace, I checked).

Finally (#5 in a list of Important Things Regarding Tuesdays Events from Fran),
"There were five ufos spotted and photographed over philly during the obama rally. earlier that week he gave an interview where he said "i'm interested in making life better on earth, but maybe we have some others on the way as well." these two events, one that actually happened and one that appears to have happened, i admit are connected because i am connecting them. but that's how connections work. i'm also paranoid. but i will point out that the only evidence we have that either event happened (the ufos and the obama quote) are the same: video footage. time, etc. can't go back and make it be yesterday."

If there is an Event tomorrow, do we get off early? Will schoolchildren get a minute to watch it on tv, like we all did when OJ got sentenced?
Also, why does Chloe usually name her invented pets "Alien"?

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