Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday night bike

On Saturday night, around 12:30, I got talked into going to Kung-Fu Necktie. I haven't been there yet (partially because of the name, mostly because of the location), but decided it was better than watching the X-files by myself. I rode my bike there. It took forever - things really are further when you're coming from the other side of Broad. Anyway, got there, then it was Barbary instead, then didn't have my id, stopped at Rustica to see Andy, then I headed to McG's, but didn't really go...all this to say, I mostly just rode my bike around by myself for about an hour.
In this time the ratio of sobbing girls being consoled by boyfriends or girl friends with words like
"No one meant to offend you! We like you!" (girls with partial shirts outside Standard Tap)
"Don't get in that car! Don't do it. Don't!" (boy to crying girl on Fairmount)
to boys asking me for (or thumbing) rides on my bicycle was exactly equal. Three for three.
Moral: biking is funny and I should make movies about it or something. Or maybe Fran should. Not really about biking itself, but the things you see for a few seconds. Slice of life type stuff.
I went home and watched the X-files and fell asleep.


elizabethfrances said...

you should make movies about anything. just make movies.

josh ballard said...

on saturday night at 11:40 pm i received the following text message from you: "Want to go to nat mech or anything?"
simple to the point and totally indecipherable.

unfortunately i think i must have been already asleep or i would have totally been into a bicycle adventure / ...nat mech.

Bangs said...

National Mechanics, Josh. Duh.