Friday, October 17, 2008


In a strange turn of Thursday night events, someone took me to the movies (kind of). We saw Blindness, which was (believe it or not) better than expected.
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Here's a review.
Remember when Nikki Kidman did the remake of Invasion(of the body snatchers) (which wasn't very good)? It was a little like that (though better) - big name herione tries to avoid plague thats taking over the masses. There's good* villians in this one though - real bad guys that suffer the same affliction as the rest of the world, but handle it in worse ways, mean mean guys. I was also reminded a lot of 28 Weeks Later (that more than other zombie movies because of the governmental containment ideas), but that was kind of fleeting.

When you think about everybody going blind, there are some questions that come up:
What happens when blind people fight? What if they have guns? Blind sex? Racism? Finding bathrooms? What would you trade for food?

The weirdest parts are the where the whole point is to convey the blindness everybody is feeling. Also it looks a little like that movie The Machinist, where Christian Bale stops eating and everything takes on weird colors. And theres weird messy group sex-for-food scenes. And a weird narrative-in-the-form-of-regular-conversation explanation. And that in the book it's one town that gets blind, but in the movie it seems a lot more wide-spread.
It was a little long, but the whole time you kind of keep wanting to watch it to find out what happens:
Will J Moore always be able to see, or will she get milky eyed too? Can anybody else see? Will sight come back to anybody? Will blind-love prevail over weird age differences involving Danny Glover?

Here, watch preview.


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