Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, this weekend I got a "new" computer (thanks, Pintos) and have already started working on the New Year's Eve 2k8 playlist. (Come to our party it's really fun.)
New Computer brings up other longings too though - like getting internet service.
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I know I don't really need it, but it would be so much easier to
1. read your blog
2. update my blog (even on weekends!) before I forget all the really important things to tell you, Dear Readers
3. check movie times without having to go all the way down the block to the gym I no longer belong to, just to get a CityPaper, in which the times may or may not be accurate
4. check Craigslist missed connections (kind of a joke...)
5. check deadlines on various craft/baking/exchange projects I get myself into
6. download top 40 (pirating is mainstream, I read it someplace)

Now, I know none of that is important, but I still want to know - who does your internets? How much does it cost? Think it's worth it?

Other updates:
didn't see any movies (not for lack of trying, sometimes you get there and you got it all wrong), and ate kind of a lot of Rustica.


awesome said...

dear rustica, one awesome please. gracias.
my internet is through kt. it is $13 a month. would you like the phone number?

Bangs said...

yes, and thanks.