Friday, October 3, 2008

Miracle on St Anna Street

Last night I quit watching the debate a little early (but thanks for having me, Julie/Sal/Nikki), and we went to see the new Joint at the Riverview.
Miracle at St. Anna was Saving Private Ryan* meets [regular Spike Lee Movie].
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There were some weird little plot lines that never got tied up - like the contemporary Nazi art collector and his sexy girlfriend who we meet for about a minute. Maybe they were important, but it felt like we were striving for a complexity that was never achieved.
This movie was
a. long (2hr, 40m)
b. controversial (in trying to remind us to appreciate Buffalo soldiers, Spike got a lot of people pretty upset about his portrayal of Italian Partisans)
c. brimming with Stock Characters (dumb but lovable giant black man, tiny helpless/speechless boy, fascist old Italian, slippery traitor, hot girl who has no problem taking her clothes off while doing the laundry on the hillside, etc)
d. full of important morality lessons:
Killing bad people (even 40 years later)? Okay.
Killing many many people, at a church? Not okay.

The worst part (on my end) is that I actually thought about Tropic Thunder a couple times.

*I've actually never seen SPR, but I can imagine.

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