Friday, October 3, 2008

don'ts lifestyle

Because I haven't seen Marilyn in a minute, and have in general been pretty bad at updating you, dear Readers, on her outfits, today I bring you some other fashions that have been brought to my attention.

1. No-heels heels.
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Vicky B wears them. Uma wears them.
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Can you imagine? YIKES.

2. LiLo has a new line of leggings and "ankle gloves". The line is called 6126, which is, you know - Marilyn Monroe's birthday*.
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The leggings have knee pads. Really.

*One time in college, we knew this girl, who had this sister, who had Marilyn Monroe's signature tattooed on her hip. One day, Sarah told her it was weird, and asked her why she got it. This girl liked Sarah a lot and was all, "Oh! You're right! It IS weird!"


elizabethfrances said...

and then you sold her a scooter.

awesome said...

who/what is lilo?

kamper part deux said...

um you mean 4 years of walking in and out of my life announced and unannounced at random, and going from one personality to the next based on what was hip...that girl?

Bangs said...

Here's a quick lesson in American Culture, Sarah:
LiLo is Lindsay Lohan, star of such movies as "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "the Parent Trap".