Monday, September 22, 2008

"that color is BLUE"

My Amanda was in town this weekend. We had a super multi-cultural Saturday, and hit Hausbrandt, Garibaldi, and Tippin, all in a matter of hours.

We also saw Lakeview Terrace, which showcased a whole 'nother breed of racism, with Sammy LJ as the perp. The whole thing was really very stressful, but managed to be pretty terrible too.
"What is this?"
"Destiny's Child"
"This is great - I could really move to this!"
Here's the funniest part of the movie,
Image Hosted by
but you won't get it until you see it. Also, we were the only people in the theatre who seemed to think it was funny, so maybe you won't.

Other weekend highlights involve dinner at Silk City, a boy at National Mechanics asking if "I wanted to do a quick interaction with Colombia" with him in the bathroom, and visiting "the best bathroom in the world"* at Bennelux.

*wasn't, sorry JB.


zerbipedia said...

dear sue,

I occasionally catch up on your blog and every time I do I tell myself I need to read it more often. Also, how is that people keep offering you coke? Are there signs that I'm missing that would make people think you're the type? You must be pretty special if everyone wants to share with you so much.

Bangs said...

the "signs" would be bloody noses and being super skinny.