Monday, September 15, 2008

don't call me

Here's some things:

No-meat-tember is going pretty well. There was one little shrimp-slip-up, but other than that, I've been the least meaty person you know. I don't even miss it. Except for when we went to JR's and I got a boca burger and it was gross. Weird that a soy burger isn't the specialty at a 1950's-themed diner fakeout restaurant.
Next? Quitting processed foods? ELIMINATION!

Thursday night, we started dance lessons. Waltz, foxtrot. Some of the men had Very Bad Breath, and I'm bad at this spin thing we learned, but mostly it was really fun.
Oh, and Rob got laser-eyes that day. He gets to wear sunglasses inside! Congrats!

And, I went to the movies. Saw Righteous Kill
(here, a haiku, like in the Weekly)
Al and Bobby D
Think you've got them figured out?
Surprise! Twist ending!
and Burn After Reading, in which we love Brad Pitt and Melissa thinks George Clooney looks like Greg Jehanian. Wrong.

On Friday night, we went to a leather bar. It was actually okay. It was about a hundred flights up, and drinks we're crazy costy but at least the gayborhood is closeby, and it wasn't unbearably crowded.
I saw pictures of us on the internet:
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Lauren had a lot of really funny things to say, and I was dressed up as Chelsea.
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Conrad wears this mask now. It's really low profile.

new phone
loft-sit 2k8

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that pants said...

what do greg jehanian and george clooney have in common?
and they LOOK THE SAME. srisly.

i'm drunk/you missed game night/ryan actually hanging out/etc.