Friday, September 26, 2008

CoH gets 'lebritied

Probably everyone in the (Philadelphia) world has already read this because you're better at keepin' up with the blogs than I am, but Wow. It packed some zingers.
"Large sections of the hipster population you wade through daily in Philadelphia contain a dark undercurrent of young people (it always seems like transplants) who’ve been sucked into this weird emo/hipster variety of Christianity that plays fast and loose with both the central tenets of fundamentalism and what you or I would handily recognize as classic cultish traits. Those beardos on fixed gears that you see whizzing up Frankford Avenue*? Often, those are not merely Deerhoof fans, my friend; sometimes, they are WEIRD PUNK ROCK CHRISTIANS!"

It's mostly just a really wordy direction to this article in the Weekly, where you can learn a million about Joshua Grace, hear about Aaron Weiss taking back everything he's ever said, and hear a story that culminates with Nikki throwing a cup of "menstrual piss" in a band manager's face.

Oh man, those kids.

CoH: I never really got you, but I do like your thrift stores.

*Pilger? Timmy?

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