Monday, September 8, 2008

like David Spedaris

Saturday night, we went to a party that everyone said was "oldies and reggae" but (to me) was really "old ska music".
There were a lot of Dudes there, and a million Fred Perry, and a medium amount of mod girls. It was fine, but it was a little weird. None of us know how to dance to it.

Here's some things that happened:

Me: "Andrew! What's up? Andy said you just moved back to Philly - where do you live now?"
Andrew: (leans in close to my ear) "ROCK AND ROLL!" (accompanied by devil fingers and everything.)

and then later:

Me: (squeezing my way up to the bar) "Hey, could I get a Coke?"
Bartender: "Sure." (Leaves, presumably to get me a Coke.)
(keeping waiting)
Bartender: (leans in close) " want coke? Or a Coca-Cola?"
Me: "Um...just a Coke. A Coca-Cola."
Bartender: "Oh, okay. I just wanted to be really clear on that."

Obviously we only visit the most reputable establishments.

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