Friday, September 19, 2008

oh yeah, a movie not-review

Wednesday TV night was cancelled so I went to go see the Women. Right, that one with Meg Ry, Princess Leia, Grace Adler, and Will Smith's Tiny Wife.
In my defense, the original is supposed to be okay.

So I got my ticket, went to the theatre, sat through the previews and then...Righteous Kill started. They sent me to the wrong theatre. I definately didn't want to sit through that again, so I tried the next theatre. There was a bunch of dates happening in there, so I thought I got it right, right? Wrong.
It was Tyler Perry's Exploration (Exploitation?) of Contemporary Racism In The Family That Preys. I mean, to be fair, I only tried it out for like ten minutes, but ...yikes. Mostly, how does this guy make so many movies? And also mostly, how can they be so bad?

Sorry, from now on, real movie reviews, promise.

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