Friday, September 19, 2008

sweaters? not pre-emPtive, no.

Now it's finally fall. I know because sweaters are NOT too hot to wear, all the girls are wearing tights all the time, and it took my scooter FOREVER to start. Even with the choke on.
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Some things I already like:
That I'm getting a new phone Monday. I will be absolutely accepting phone calls starting that day. AND, Andy, go ahead and change my name in your phone to "Susie DO text" because I'm back in the game.
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I also like the new Thursday night - National Mechanics? 1/3 Veggie burger/nacho combo? Sunny? Yes. And yes, and yes.
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I also really like where I'll be house-sitting, starting Monday. Keep your ears out for a rager there. Just kidding, Meg.

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